This Wrist Wrap Saved My Triathlon Goals

This Wrist Wrap Saved My Triathlon Goals

I got into triathlon back in 2012 with a couple of my friends after we had been following the sport as spectators for a while. Seeing people from all walks of life, in all shapes, sizes and forms compete and finish the races inspired us to just give it a try. In early 2014, I started training for my longest triathlon race, the Ironman 70.3 Racine event scheduled for July of that year. 

In mid-May, during one of my training rides, I veered off the road and lost control of my bike.  Friends who witnessed the accident told me I went over my handle bar and crashed face-first on the road.  Aside from 23 stiches on my face and mouth, I also tore a ligament (scapholunate ligament tear) on the right wrist.

My doctor told me to stay off the water and bike for at least 5 weeks.  At that point, my family didn't want me to even think about the July race anymore and I was starting to think the same thing.   

After 3 weeks I felt my stitches were getting better and that I could start jogging again. But my wrist was still a problem because I couldn't really use my right hand for anything without feeling pain. I went back to my doctor who told me that my only options were to rest it (in a wrist brace) until I feel better, or surgery, which wasn't guaranteed to fix it. So I decided to just rest it as long as I could.

In early June I got the aVivoPur High Power Magnetic Wrist Wrap hp-wrist-3.jpg and I wore it constantly.  I felt my wrist getting better after another week or two of rest and wearing the magnetic wrap.

By the second week of June, and with my doctor's clearance, I started to train again hoping that I could still make my race.  By the end of June, my run training routine was back on schedule and I started to swim again.  I also got back on the bike trainers at this time, but not on the road.  I was able to run a half-marathon by the 4th of July and did it in under 2 hours, which is my personal best. 

I continued wearing the wrap whenever possible (not in the swim), as I strongly believe that it helped the healing process.  I was able to do three or four 25-30-miles rides before tapering off my training for the Ironman 70.3 race. 

Finally, I made it to race day and completed the 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking, and 13.1 miles of running! 

I continued to wear the magnetic wrap many months after the race, especially during sleep.  I've done several half-marathons and a duathlon since the Ironman event, and now I feel that my wrist is back close to 100% healed. 

To athletes or weekend warriors like me who are working though injuries, I strongly encourage you to try magnetic therapy products to help you heal and recover faster. 

Dennis B
St. Paul, MN