The Super Magnetic Block and a Severe Burn

"She Grabbed the 400 degree Glass Pan with her Bare Hand!"

5200.jpgThe Super Magnetic Block has done it again! This time it saved a friend of ours from the pain and agony of a severe burn. Here's how it happened.

Our friend Jennifer came over to enjoy dinner with us, and as friends do asked if there was anything she could do to help.

"Sure," I replied. "Would you take the casserole out of the oven?"

She found the oven mitts, removed the glass pan from the 400 degree oven, set it on the stove, and removed the oven mitts from her hands.

"Oh, would you mind just setting it over on the table?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied...then she grabbed the 400 degree glass pan with her bare left hand.

With a yell she quickly let go and went immediately to the sink and started running cold water. Meanwhile I found our Super Magnetic Block and placed it North Pole up on the counter near the sink. Then I gently moved her hand over the magnet, which is 4"x6"x1" in size.

She protested. In the few moments she had her hand under the cold water her hand had numbed a little, but now out of the water she feared that the pain would come back.

I looked her right in the eyes, keeping my hand gently on hers, on the Super Magnetic Block, and said, "Trust me." I cupped her fingers slightly so her entire hand fit onto the north pole surface of the magnet.

The pain did not come back until about a minute or two later after she said, "Well I guess I didn't burn it after all" and removed her hand from The Super Magnetic Block. THEN her hand felt like it was burned again.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, and placed her hand back on the Super Magnetic Block. Now she looked at me with wide eyes and asked, "How does this work?"

I explained that the north pole energies of the magnet were working with her body to send the natural healing resources to the burn to help repair the damage. As long as she kept her hand on the Super Magnetic Block, her body could more effectively manage the burn. I told her to keep her hand on the Block for five more minutes, then take it off and see if it still hurt, and to put it back on if it did.

It took about 20 minutes before she could remove her hand and not feel like she had a burn. Her hand was not red, and she had no blisters at all.

The burn was real, and painful, and the type that could have given her days of discomfort. But because we had an aVivoPur Super Magnetic Block ON HAND when we needed it, we enjoyed a pleasant evening together.

--LeAnn Lyon

NOTE:  Burns of any type need immediate attention.  If skin is turning black, or white, is blistering, or is gone, please seek medical attention regardless of the amount of pain.