Positive Results Fast!

As a Chiropractor, my hands/wrists/arms are over-worked. I developed carpel tunnel and had nerve pain in my thumbs, which was on-going for months.5375dweb.jpg After seeing the Magnetic Ankle & Foot Wrap help my colleague's ankle sprain pain I thought I'd try the Magnetic Wrist Wrap. I got a wrap from LeAnn at an event and wore the wrap all day and night for 3 days.

I noticed positive results relatively fast! The inflammation went down and the pain was gone! When I over do it and start feeling stiffness in my wrist again I just wear the brace at night for a few nights and notice improvement. I recommend the High Powered Magnetic Wrist Wrap for any chronic or acute wrist pain/conditions!

~Dr. Megan Eckdahl
Cottage Grove, Minnesota