Magnetic Use After a Car Accident

When we see things that happened to us as gifts rather than as tragedies, it opens us up to so much more possibility. In this case, I refer to my recent fender bender which allowed me to truly experience AVivoPur's magnetic products.

I recently attended a local social event, and was delighted to see LeAnn Lyon in attendance. We’ve known each other because of the healthy coffee 5380b.pngproducts we both carry, but we had not done work within our regular businesses. When I told her I had JUST been in a small accident, she said she had seen my car outside and said, “You need to wear my magnetic neck & shoulder wrap.” At the time, I didn’t really have any discomfort, but decided to wear it anyway. She had one with her so I was very grateful and wore it immediately.

The next day, I could definitely feel that there was more ease and less discomfort in my neck where I had the wrap and was aware of how areas that were not covered were hurting more.

5386.jpg As the weeks progressed I felt more discomfort, so I decided to try more of their products. I finally got together with her   and bought their ingenious Magnetic Collar  that goes over the shoulders, shoulder blades, and the top ribs. She also fitted me   with a powerful wrap around my low back5340a.jpg The immediate support the wrap gave felt amazing. The low   back and the shoulder wrap provided me with the ability to sit for at least an hour without discomfort and   also gave me the ability to sit and do my own work. 


I feel more energized like my body is not working so hard just to deal with my injuries, but I  actually have a reservoir of energy that I haven't had since the accident. This locally owned business  is such a gem for those of us in Minnesota, but the good news is you can order her products from anywhere   in the world.  

--Lucy Franklin
St. Paul, MN