Neck & Shoulder Wrap

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Neck & Shoulder Wrap
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Are you suffering from neck discomfort caused by stiff muscles in your neck and shoulders? Do you carry tension in your shoulders? Are your neck and shoulders sore after working at a computer, driving or doing other repetitive motions all day? The Pur North polarity (-) of the magnetic therapy provided by our Neck & Shoulder Wrap have made this a best seller and can provide you with just the sort of relief you’re looking for. ϯ

Designed to be multipurpose our wrap can either be worn high on your neck or draped delicately over your shoulders, as shown in the photos. Made from soft black Velcro-compatible fabric to allow for precise comfortable positioning, the Neck & Shoulder Wrap is comfortable enough to wear all day!

Our Neck & Shoulder Wrap is not a brace; it does not provide any support or compression. Instead, it gently provides the therapeutic power of 20 large magnets that may increase blood flow, encourage a healthy inflammation response, and even encourage healing of injury faster. ϯ

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Discover the Attraction of Magnetic Therapy" 


  • Pre-Workout Plus to support muscle performance, recovery and growth.
  • Potent Turmeric PLUS may help your maintain a healthy inflammation response ϯ
  • Our Cellular Support may help boost your body’s natural healing. Contains Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body, and especially in the cartilage, this product can help with joint mobility and cellular healthϯϯ
  • Multivitamins are always a good idea. We have many targeted formulas to make sure you get everything you need for your age, gender, and lifestyle.

Magnet information: AVivoPur®® products are effective and properly designed magnetic health products. This neck & shoulder wrap has 20, strong  ceramic 3950 gauss (Disc 3/4”x ¼”) magnets.

AVivoPur®® considers gauss (measurement of energy), polarity, frequency, penetration, spacing and placement when we design our high quality products.  Click here to learn more about gauss. 

Sizing as follows: One size fits all with an 8” Velcro strap to adjust for size and placement.

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Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Discover the Attraction of Magnetic Therapy" 


ϯ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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