Magnetic Hematite Pearl "Moon" Necklace

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"Moon" Pearlized Hematite Magnetic Necklace
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Natural Magnetism Jewelry--A stylish approach to better health.

  • *The ‘Pearls’ in the necklace are magnetized hematite balls that are ‘pearlized’ or coated with a special process to give them the very beautiful and realistic appearance of white pearls.
  • Easy to wear, comfortable and attractive
  • 18" length
  • Recommended to be worn up to 6 days a week for discomfort or for magnetic energy

Natural Magnetism Jewelry

Natural magnetism jewelry can provide temporary (while being worn) improved circulation, blood pressure normalization, reduction of many discomforts, along with an energizing effect to the whole body and a decrease in stiffness. We have even heard of increases in brain energy.

Natural magnetism is a beautiful way to achieve the benefits of magnetic energy.

Note: The term "Natural" means that the energies are not directed. This simply means the energies are not directional, which has been demonstrated over centuries to have many unique benefits.

Golf Digest reported 90% of the Senior PGA professionals use magnetic therapy.

Size: 18" length

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review