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Magnetic Back Support

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Magnetic Back Support  Item # 5350 Classic  5349 Narrow  (504 505 506 507 508 509)


Experiencing lower back discomfort or stiffness, recovering from an injury? Need relief and support? The aVivoPur™ Magnetic Back Supporter may be just what you’re looking for!

Description: Designed to provide some support without limiting your movements as much as a stiff back brace, our aVivoPur™ Magnetic Back Supporter combines:

  • the magnetic healing power of 24 strong Pur North magnets
  • the support of an adjustable neoprene wrap
  • strategically placed flexible stiffeners

It comes in two sizes with Velcro closures to ensure a good fit.

Our aVivoPur™ Magnetic Back Supporter works for both lower back discomfort and mid back discomfort as it can be worn upside down or right side up depending on where you need the support. This is a great product for those experience pain from prolonged sitting because not only will it support your back throughout your day but may also encourage a healthy inflammation response and increase circulation aiding your body to heal faster! May also be worn over the hip or under the navel. 

Other Products to Consider:

  • If you don’t need support and would like something to provide more targeted and discreet magnetic therapy we recommend you check out our aVivoPur™ Magnetic Back Pad.
  • If you only need mild or no support but are experiencing more severe back discomfort the aVivoPur™ High-Power Magnetic Wrap is a great choice!


  • Size 7 Fits 26" - 36" waist, velcro adjustable to comfort
  • Size 8 Fits 34" - 47" waist, velcro adjustable to comfort
  • Size 9 Fits 46" - 60" waist, velcro adjustable to comfort

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great for the hip too!

    Posted by Jeanne on 15th May 2015

    I purchased this aVivoPur magnetic back support for my hip. I was diagnosed with bursitis and didn't want to get a cortisone shot so I opted for this instead. I just turn the support sideways so the large part sits over my hip. I have to adjust it a little when I sit down but other than that, it works wonderfully and I am no longer in pain - without any shots or drugs! Thanks so much, for recommending this back support for my hip!

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