Gold or Silver Magnetic Ring

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 Magnetic Gold or Silver Fashion Ring
Item # 5691 Gold, 5692 Silver (854 855)

These attractive rings have a bio-north pole magnet on each end.

  • Two bio-north magnets provide magnetism to your finger
  • Possible uses include arthritic finger joints and Sore or stiff fingers

Look good while taking charge of your health. Lyon Legacy magnetic jewelry provides an attractive way to wear magnets throughout the day while achieving the many benefits of north pole magnetism.

Bio-north pole jewelry can be worn as often as desired with no side effects. Magnetic jewelry can be effective for pain and stiffness in arms, wrists and even the shoulder area, and has been demonstrated to improve circulation throughout your body. Athletes have benefited greatly from the wearing of magnetic jewelry, especially when used in conjunction with other magnetic therapy treatments such as magnetic shoe inserts and magnetic mattress pads.

Golf Digest reported 90% of the Senior PGA professionals use magnetic therapy.  

Size: One Size

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review