AVivoPur® Power Insert Magnet

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AVivoPur® Power Insert
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The AVivoPur® Power Inserts can be themselves and help in place with tape, bandaging or manually. They were originally designed to increase the power and effectiveness of the Magnetic Knee Tubes or Magnetic Elbow Sleeves, by stacking inside the tubes or sleeves, in which case they will be held in place by magnetism.


Each insert is approximately three inches long and contains two very high-powered magnets. You may use one insert or several over needed area.

Power Inserts may be used anywhere magnetic energy field is needed. Comfortable, padded, cotton exterior. Color may vary.

Power Inserts sizing are approximately 1.5" x 2"  

Magnet information: AVivoPur® products are properly designed magnetic products. This Power Insert has 2 high powered 12,500 gauss magnets.

AVivoPur® considers gauss (measurement of energy), polarity, frequency, spacing and placement when we design our high quality products.  Click here to learn more about gauss. 

Check out our Micropore Tape as a convenient way to hold your Power Insert magnets in place!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review