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  • Stress Fracture / Arthritis / Tendonititis relief!

    Posted by Wendy on 18th Dec 2014

    I recently had a stress fracture in my foot, was in a boot for 6 weeks, found out I have arthritis in one of the major joints of my foot and Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. A few weeks after getting out of the boot, I started using the Magnetic Shoe Inserts and all foot pain associated with my stress fracture are gone! I can easily do toe raises, where as before it was painful under the ball of my foot. My arthritis is no longer bothering me and with time, I believe it will help my tendonitis. I am a runner and after this injury and with the help of the magnetic shoe insert, I plan to get back to racing half marathons in a few months. I wear the insert as much as possible, even sleep with it in a sock! It's great and I'd highly recommend this product for anyone with even one of the injuries like I've had, let alone all three.