All Natural Wool Dryer Balls by B&N Laundry

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Scroll down to learn how this product can support your healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes being natural seems to cost more, so when we find a natural product to offer you, that actually saves money, we love that!

  • Wool is a natural softener
  • Using these wool balls in your dryer cuts drying time by 15-25%, saving money or energy.
  • We love them because they are a wonderful alternative to dryer softener sheets, as they add no chemicals to your clothing.
  • Naturally reuseable!
  • Helps protect your family's health and the environment.
  • These wool dryer balls are all handmade in the the USA.

We recommend using 3 wool dryer balls in your dryer.  The more you use, the more spacing is created between clothing which decreases drying time, and the more wool is present to naturally soften.

The Story behind this product line:

Not long after the Bollin family added twin daughters to their life, Tony suffered kidney failure and had to go on dialysis. After that, Rachel made it her mission to eliminate all unnecessary chemicals from their home. She started in the laundry room. She wanted a detergent that was all natural and free of unwanted chemicals and dyes. She also knew that with one year old twins the detergent had to be effective.

After months of trial and error, she discovered that Goat Milk Soap was an extremely effective base for Laundry Detergent. It's very gentle on skin and makes clothes soft. From there, she developed the most luxurious and effective detergent on the market. Using essential oils to scent and act as natural cleaners, she eliminated the need for chemical fragrances.

Giving Back:
In addition the charities we support through AVivoPur®, for every Large Bag of Goat's Milk Laundry Detergent sold $.50 cents goes back to the National Kidney Foundation.

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Thanks for trusting us to bring you the best, and buying it from AVivoPur®.com!

(No reviews yet) Write a Review