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Other Frequently Asked Questions:

What does "AVivoPur" mean?

Who designed the AVivoPur logo?

Cool artwork, who did it?


What does "AVivoPur" mean?

"A Vivo" meant "to live" in Spanish.  With our emphasis on Purity (see 7 Values of aVivoPur) we developed the name AVivoPur to encompass the ideal of Pure Living. Return to Top


Who designed the AVivoPur logo?

We are asked this question quite a bit!  We are thrilled to direct you to Strategia Design.  They have been a wonderful partner and support in the development of our brand, and we are grateful for their help and guidance.  Return to Top

Cool artwork, who did it?

We are thrilled to display work by artist Jane Roberts, featuring her especially in our premier report, "Pure Living in a Modified World." Her work is found on the front cover and throughout the report.  You can find more of her stunning work at