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General Guidelines for Use of Magnetic Therapy Products

Place your aVivoPur magnetic therapy product directly over the area of intended use following the directions of the "This side to body" information tag. This will place the north pole (negative polarity) (-) side of the magnet(s) to your body.

Occasionally, pain may increase during the detoxification period at the start of your magnetic therapy, but this is a sign the magnetism is working. If pain becomes too uncomfortable, simply remove the magnet, allow the body to stabilize, then reapply the magnet or try it in a different location. Do not immediately discard proper Pur North (-) polarity magnetic therapy if it does not work instantly or if symptoms or pain are increased initially. Pur North pole magnetism is completely safe and the goal is long term healing and lifetime health, much more than temporary pain relief.

For your entire body, sleep on a magnetic therapy mattress pad, sit on a magnetic therapy cushion, use magnetic therapy shoe inserts, and drink spring or mineral water that has been exposed to the aVivoPur Water Magnetizer Brick.  ϯ For specific areas of the body consider the appropriate magnetic wrap, magnetic therapy  knee or elbow  sleeves, Super Magnetic Block, or the NeoDisk.

There are no hard and fast rules for how long to wear magnets. Consider wearing the products for a significant amount of time, and design your own wearing schedule.  You may achieve your desired outcome within five minutes or within several weeks, as there are many variables that can impact your experience.  Explore our testimonials to understand what other people have found to work for them.  For example, LeAnn broke her knee cap six years earlier, so she wore the Magnetic Therapy Knee Sleeves 24 hours a day for six weeks and had wonderful results.  Jennifer used the magnetic Super Magnetic Block immediately upon burning herself, and the burn was diminished.  Kristine found that her carpel tunnel symptoms disappeared 24 hours after she applied the aVivoPur High Power Magnetic Wrist Wrap.

Another consideration is that while the body is sleeping and in a restorative state, it is most receptive to healing and rejuvenation, so use your aVivoPur magnetic therapy products while you sleep.  Magnetic therapy products are designed to work with this state of rest and restoration also, whether that is a specific area of the body or the entire body with a magnetic therapy mattress pad. ϯ

Initial discomfort is rare, but in our experience may be related to a detoxification or adaptation period. Consider:  How long have you had the condition, problem or symptom that you are treating?  Your body often will “believe” that is your normal and will be resistant to change. Most people experience a restful night's sleep the first time they use an aVivoPur magnetic therapy mattress pad, Eye & Sleep Mask, or magnetic pillow.  However, people who are ill or acidic may initially feel discomfort or increased symptoms.  Try to tolerate this if possible and it will likely pass.  If you would rather not tolerate it, remove the product, wait a while, and reapply as your body becomes used to the good change.  Magnetic therapy is designed to, when applied to your body, affect the electrical charges of your cells in such a way as to potentially cause the toxins or acids lying dormant to temporarily cause discomfort while your body balances and the acids are eliminated.  An acidic unhealthy cell will usually be in a positively charged or (+) state and the negative polarity (-) can encourage your cells to be the opposite and influence change. ϯ

Use caution if using the South Pole, "Positive" pole (+), field of a magnet.  This is considered to be the "stimulating" field of the magnet, but over stimulating or over energizing may be possible.  Furthermore, all cells are potentially affected equally, so if bacteria or malignant cells are present the south pole may stimulate them.  This is why we carefully design our products to apply Pur North technology to the body.  A good rule of thumb is to never use the south pole of a therapeutic magnet without the assistance of a doctor. ϯ



ϯ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.