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Do You Know You Naturally Detoxify Daily?

Like a car, your body has air and fluid filters meant to remove toxins and keep your body running well.

What happens when these filters get clogged?
How can you unclog them?
How do you know if you need to?

If you find yourself feeling run down, or getting sick frequently, a good cleanse from the inside out may be your answer. Since everyone is different, this eBook will help you understand options that may help you find your best way to detoxification.

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Detoxification & Your Health" -download-ebook-blue.jpg

This eBook Includes:

  • Detoxification: No Tox Or Detox 
  • Detoxify: Rest Is A #PureLiving Pillar 
  • Detoxify To Support Your Immune System 
  • Detox Cleanse to Get Back On Track         
  • Good Diet? What Is That Exactly?

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What do You Know About Magnetic Therapy?
Research Continues to Show its Value

Worldwide, millions of people use magnetic therapy, a large percentage in Japan alone, where it’s not uncommon for people to sleep on magnetic beds to counter the effects of stress, pain, fatigue and various ailments.

In this FREE ebook download you will learn:

  • Healing Effects of Magnetic Therapy
  • University of Virginia Magnetic Study
  • Magnetic Therapy--What to Look For
  • Make Magnetic Therapy Work For You
  • EHS Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity--Fact or Fake?
  • Magnetic Therapy Tools for Sleep
  • Get Back In the Game--What do I do after an injury?

And more.

You will read case studies from real people who have used magnetic therapy to overcome injuries both recent and old, and get #BackInTheGame of living the lives they want to live.

Could magnetic therapy help you too?


Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Discover the Attraction of Magnetic Therapy" -download-ebook-blue.jpg


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what-does-it-take-to-be-healthy-landing-page.jpgWe Believe Vibrant Health Is Achievable.

 In this eBook you will find key information you may never have learned before with regards to:

  1. Sleep
  2. Hydration
  3. Movement
  4. Nutrition
  5. Detoxification

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Pure Living in a Modified World" -download-ebook-blue.jpg


We realize you could think these are too basic, but you will be surprised! This free ebook includes dozens of ways you can start to use these principles TODAY with what you already have in your home. Get it while it's FREE!


essential-nutrient-landing-page.jpgWhat Foundation are you building your health upon?

Imagine building a house but

  • Not laying down a cement foundation

  • Running out of nails to hold the boards together so using tape instead

  • Substituting cardboard for shingles?

How will this house hold up?
Will it keep you warm or dry? 
Will it last?

These principles apply to your health as well. Shortcuts have a cost.

Get the 2-part AVivoPur® interactive eBook: "The Essential Nutrient Workbook" -download-ebook-blue.jpg

We believe vibrant health is achievable. This FREE download will help you evaluate what you eat, and how you may be able to make improvements starting today to have a healthy foundation.


7-secrets-landing-page.jpgAre You Looking to Make a Change?
Learn the 7 Secrets that will make it happen!

#4 is BIG Time Important!

Have you "tried" to change, but all to quickly it was "too much" and you gave up?

We all have.

This download changes that cycle forever!

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "7 Secrets for Lasting Improvement" -download-ebook-blue.jpg

In this FREE aVivoPur Download:

    Learn the 7 Secrets
    Receive a step by step guide
    Have a tool you can use to make ANY change in your life a true step in the right direction!


caregiving-blog-800x800-wlogo.jpg CareGiving is Hard Work!

Being responsible for a person (or pet’s) well being is an honorable and sometimes under-appreciated endeavor.

But that does not mean it is easy.

If you are looking for some ideas to help you with caregiving

  • Your children
  • Your parents
  • Your pets
  • Nutrition for those you love
  • Pain management--acute & chronic Better sleep for children and new parents

The CareGiving Joys & Challenges aVivoPur collection of blog posts may help.

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "7 Caregiving Joys & Challenges" -download-ebook-blue.jpg


In every section we will celebrate the joys, sympathize wtih the challenges, and offer new ways to do things easier or to find help in ways that may be new to you.


immune-support-blog-logo.jpg Prevention is Easier than Recovery

How can a room full of people be exposed to a virus, but some people get sick, and others don't?

Which group to you USUALLY fall into?

How can you recover better when you DO become ill?

If your answer is that you or your loved ones "always" seem to be getting sick, download this FREE collection of our best immune supportive posts and see how you can turn this around.

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Immune Support—Summer Edition" -download-ebook-blue.jpg


This eBook Includes:

  • 7 Immune Support Habits
  • Why Immune Support Supplements?
  • Sick In the Summer?
  • Flu Season Explained
  • Injured or Ill? 7 Tips To Get Back In The Game
  • Immune Support Guide
  • aVivoPur™ Founder's Immune Support Regime

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8hours-blog-rv-2-logo.jpgAre You Getting Enough Sleep? We'd Like to Help

Sleep affects more than just how alert you are the following day.

  • Your Relationships
  • Your Work
  • Your Health and Immune System

 Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Getting Enough Sleep" -download-ebook-blue.jpg


In this FREE ebook download you will learn:

  • 7 PROVEN reasons to sleep 8 hours a night
  • How Sleep Is a PurLiving™ Pillar
  • Better Sleep for Children and New Parents
  • How can Magnetic Therapy Help Sleep
  • Sleep and Your Immune System
  • Melatonin & Sleep

And more.

Hear from experts in the sleep field as well as new options to help you create a sleep routine that may help you starting TONIGHT to get a better night's sleep.


specialdiet-blog-wlogo.jpgSpecial Diets Can be Nutrient Deficient

Essential Nutrients are essential to your health... and generally you must EAT them to have them in your body. If you follow a diet which excludes certain food groups,

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

or EVEN if you eat the Standard American Diet you may be missing key nutrients.

Are you missing essential nutrients?

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: "Special Diets & Nutrition" -download-ebook-blue.jpg

In this FREE eBook download you will learn:

  • Special Diets & Nutrition
  • Good Diet? What Is That, Exactly?
  • Building a Healthy Foundation
  • 7 Key Nutrients for Special Diets
  • Essential Nutrients Are… Essential
  • Gluten Free Diets And Supplements

As well as read Guest Blogs by

Dr. Terry Wahls
Gluten Free Gal
Theresa Longo
Rockin' Raw Chef
Laura of The Whole Ingredient
Jack Lima

Hear from experts on various special diets and explore what it is that makes a diet special. Maybe YOU are eating a special diet and not even realizing you are short on some essential nutrients!