Coaches Invite

Are You A Coach?

Do you love to help people?  (So do we!)


giving.jpgWe have a special invitation to coaches of all types: Fitness, Wellness, Relationship, Health, Financial, Parenting, Caregiver, Business...and more.

Whatever type of coaching you offer may be JUST what our clients need.

This is about YOU coaching what YOU are best at, and US connecting our best clients to you when they are seeking a coach.

We have three invitations:  

  1. Please accept our free Report titled, "7 Secrets to Lasting Improvement" and
  2. Please consider joining the AVivoPur Coaching Connection where we help connect our best clients with you when they are looking for a coach in your specialty.
  3. If our products can help YOUR clients sleep better, perform better, live better and you send them our way, our affiliate program will reward you financially.

So maybe now you are wondering, "What Is AVivoPur all about?"

AVivoPur is a wellness product company for the same reason many people coach:  Everything we do is about giving people the Freedom and Knowledge to make their own Choices, and take personal responsibility for their own health and well-being.

When our clients begin to feel better in their bodies, whether it is recovery from illness, or injury, a release of toxins, or an increase in energy, they begin to seek further ways to make their lives better.  As we develop this AVivoPur Coaching Connection, it is our intention to continue to connect our clients to the coach they are divinely contracted to work with.   

We don't have coaches, we have products that help people get "Back in the game" so they can move forward in their lives, and do what they are here to do--possibly with the help of YOUR coaching!

We would love to be a resource for you to find both quality clients and, when it applies, quality products to help your clients when you recommend them to us.

Let us help you reach our best clients, and benefit them with your knowledge and support.  


 Here's How:

1.  Use the form on this page to let us know you are interested. You are not "joining" or committing to anything at this point, just accepting more information down the road to see if this is a good fit.

2.  Check your email for a confirmation, and be sure to add the private email address we will share with you to your address book. 

3.  When you reach our "Thank You" page please look around and explore what we offer now.  The product list is small at the moment, but we invite you to explore our passion through our mission statement, values, and more.

7-secrets-report-booklet-crop-200.jpg4.  You will also instantly receive an email containing a link to our FREE report "Seven Secrets to Lasting Improvement".  You may wish to share this with your clients, as it encourages people to find the right help from the right people and take time to make improvements, so they last.  

5.  Finally, you will receive updates as we get closer to creating pages to connect coaches to our clients, as well as other ways aVivoPur can support your business. 

Thank you for considering this opportunity to help one another grow our businesses and, most of all, do the greatest good in the ways we are meant to do so.



Blessings Always

--LeAnn Lyon

President and Founder

P.S.  The AVivoPur Coaching Connection is in the works and not yet fully set up, but we hope you will join NOW so we can get to know you better and be more ready to promote you and your business when the right time comes.  Just fill in your name and email above.  There is no commitment and no cost.  When the time comes, you and we will make the best possible decisions as to how to move forward.  



AvivoPur is passionate about supportive health options and pure living for people who want to take charge of their personal well being.

We strive to be the go-to source for products that improve your life.