AVivoPur Values

There are Seven Values AVivoPur holds sacred:

  1. Freedom
  2. Knowledge
  3. Communication
  4. Choice
  5. Purity
  6. Change
  7. Giving



“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”
–John F. Kennedy

Freedom is the ability to think for one’s self and act on one’s own beliefs.  When paired with respect and love, freedom ultimately allows for the pursuit of happiness.

AVivoPur is blessed to be started in the USA, a country where this core value is so fundamental to our consciousness that it was written into our constitution.  It is a value on which this nation is founded, the envy of people around the globe and the reason so many people flock to our shores.

At AVivoPur, we care about what we do with our freedom. This means exercising our right to think for ourselves and encouraging others to do the same, especially and specifically when it comes to health.

The media and advertising professionals say, “Ask your doctor.”  This phrase is so frequently used that, if one is not careful, we could easily forget to ask ourselves what we think. Advertisements can also cause us to doubt our own health and be persuaded to purchase things that may do more harm than good. How often have you heard disclaimers that sound worse than the symptom they are supposed to cure?  We believe natural and alternative methods bring us in touch with greater well-being so that we can experience the freedom of living healthfully.

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You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.”
–Abraham Maslow

Knowledge is power.

We will always, to the best of our ability, let you know the benefits of our products, the situations in which they are best used, and why and how they benefit you.

We will never attempt to manipulate, mislead, or persuade you to buy anything you don’t need or that would not be helpful. 

For example, we are happy to report that if you work outdoors, get plenty of sunshine and regularly eat clean sources of eggs, milk, butter, cheese, and fish, you may have all the vitamin D in your body that you need, naturally produced by your very own healthy liver. As such, we would not recommend you likely need to supplement your vitamin D intake.

If you live in northern climates where it can be dark 16 hours a day, are fair skinned and wear sunscreen a lot, are vegetarian or vegan so you don’t eat foods naturally containing vitamin D, or tax your liver regularly with fatty foods or alcohol, we are happy to offer a vitamin D supplement that may benefit your absorption of calcium to keep your bones strong, support your immune system and provide other benefits. 

Our knowledge becomes your power.

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“Who speaks, sows; Who listens, reaps.”  --Argentine Proverb

AVivoPur has big plans, and those plans include continually watching for the best ideas and most natural ways to provide them to our friends, family, and customers.  Communication is key.

Do you have a suggestion?  We want to hear it! Email us.

Looking for new products? We are pleased to be able to respond when you ask about products you would like to see.  Oftentimes we are already in the works of making it available. Other times, if a suggestion or inquiry is about something we do not offer, we will let you know our thoughts on it as well.

Have a question?  Search our Frequently Asked Questions or email us.

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“There are always options. The best option is the one that works best for YOU.”     --LeAnn Lyon

In our mission statement we state that:  “We strive to be the go-to source for products that improve your life.” 

This means that while we offer magnetic, nutritional, and food options, we want you to choose the best option for YOU. 

You may choose to use a combination of magnetic therapy and nutritional supplements, as many of our customers do.  This makes a lot of sense because magnetic therapy may help with increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation, making it easier for nutrients to get to our cells and do their good work there. 

Start where you can, add to it later if you wish.  We’ll be here.

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 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates 

Our first priority is to create safe, effective natural products that provide natural energy and nutrition to maximize wellness. 

  • Our Magnetic Therapy products maximize the exposure of the body with only Pure North energy.
  • All digestible AVivoPur products are gluten free.
  • Most ingestible products are at least vegetarian sources, and many are vegan
  • Clear indications exist on our product pages so that you can make informed decisions about what we offer, and why we are using that particular formulation.  
  • In many cases, we offer only one supplement option because we truly believe that is the best single option for that particular supplement. 
  • We never use fillers or additives.

Personal Testimony

As you can read in My Story the founder of aVivoPur was told in her twenties that she “had to” have surgery on her knees due to erosion of the cartilage from injuries earlier in life.

Instead of just “doing what she was told to do,” she decided to evaluate her options for herself. She explored some natural options and within days the symptoms that caused considerable pain and discomfort disappeared and never returned, even after more than two decades.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
Henry Ford

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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”  –Benjamin Franklin

What is the best way to eat a giant watermelon?  One bite at a time.  (We thought watermelon was a tastier concept than an elephant, and the idea is the same.)

Small changes, done consistently over time, leads to big changes.  While many diet or exercise programs seem to promise overnight improvements, timeless wisdom states that lasting improvement takes time. 

See the AVivoPur article Seven Secrets to Lasting Improvement.

Likewise, aVivoPur will change over time.  Small but significant changes will be made to tweak our offerings and formulas when we feel something better can be offered for you.  We promise that while adding new products, revamping and keeping on top of the BEST current  and healthiest natural options for you is our first priority.

One thing that won’t change at aVivoPur is our Quality and striving for the most natural, purest products possible.  We choose ingredients carefully to provide the best possible benefits, and we make our magnetic therapy products to last. While some physical products will eventually wear out from use, many will serve you for years to come.

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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”—The Golden Rule

Paying it Forward is a concept that involves doing something good for someone in response to a good deed done on your behalf or a gift you received. Rather than pay back your benefactor, you pay forward to someone else.

At AVivoPur, we are grateful that our customers trust us for their wellness and energy needs. Our way of saying thank you is by paying that energy forward. We donate to organizations who help people less fortunate than ourselves and most of our customers.  See more here.  

Giving Back

We also give back to our customers. If you love our products and want to become our partner in recommending our products to others, we will pay you back directly with our Affiliate Membership program

We do this because we know that your endorsement of aVivoPur to people you know means much more than we can possibly say ourselves, and you deserve that recognition and thanks.

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